Al-Maktab Advertising

NIG has given the advertising market a new dimension by launching Al-Maktab Advertising. Capitalizing on the huge size and customer base of Al- Maktab Cafés, the Group uses unique advertising platforms to communicate effectively to the targeted audience.

Al-Maktab Newspaper, a monthly advertising media that introduces an innovative advertising concept by using promotional articles and advertising space. The Newspaper, which is used in Al Maktab Cafés and contains the menu, news and events, in addition to advertisements, is seen by at least 1000 people daily in each café.

Al Maktab Electronic Newspaper, an electronic version of the printed newspaper, this medium is available on the internet, granting us more flexible options of promoting and advertising as well as boosting data distribution and increasing reach.

Al-Maktab Giant Newspaper takes advantage of buildings under construction and renovation by replacing the green cloth used to cover buildings with Al Maktab Giant Newspaper. Our first giant newspaper started with a famous building in Damascus City Center and offered a 2,500 square-meter new and unique advertising space. It became the largest newspaper in the world and the biggest advertising platform in Syria. The newspaper was updated every 3 months.

Al-Maktab TV, which is a part of Al Maktab Cafés, is being utilized currently as a medium to broadcast promotions and ads in the cafés with 60 screens in each.

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