Al-Maktab Advertising

NIG has given the Syrian advertising market a new dimension by launching Al-Maktab Advertising. The company, through its uniquely designed creative platforms aims at transmitting effective advertising messages and campaigns to the target audiences. With the aim to differentiate Al-Maktab Café, the food menu was introduced in a newspaper style where we added news and events related to Al-Maktab Café’s monthly activities. The positive impact received from customers made us develop the concept from a single newspaper to Al-Maktab independent advertising platforms.

Al-Maktab Newspaper is a monthly advertising media that introduced an innovative advertising concept by adding articles to explain the Ad subject and to give it cultural dimension. The Newspaper is distributed to companies, medical centers, beauty centers and commercial markets within Damascus.

Al-Maktab Giant Newspaper with its concept to cover buildings under renovation, started with a famous building in Damascus City Center to offer 2,500 square-meter outdoor new and unique advertising space. Thus, it became the largest newspaper in the world today and the biggest advertising platform in Syria. The Giant Newspaper is issued every 3 months with the aim of expanding this experience to cover multiple locations.

Al-Maktab TV which is a part of Al Maktab Café is being utilized currently as a medium to broadcast promotions and ads within the café’s branches.

Capitalizing on the huge size of Al- Maktab Café branches, Al Maktab Advertising is offering rental space for promotional and retail activities.

Al-Maktab Advertising is also responsible for coordinating between Al-Maktab Café and different sponsors for certain activities.

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