DANZ Food Industries: Pioneering Excellence in Halal Poultry Products

DANZ Food Industries, a testament to the successful partnership between Daoud Group, the leader in the poultry meat industry in Syria, and Nazha Investments Group, stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the Halal poultry sector.

State-of-the-Art Slaughterhouse:
DANZ proudly owns Syria's only fully mechanical slaughterhouse, a facility that has been at the forefront of providing the local market with a diverse array of Halal poultry products. Established in 2004, the plant boasts fully automatic poultry meat processing, adhering to international health standards, and is meticulously controlled by ISO 9001:2015.

Strategic Location:
Situated in the industrial city of Hissiah, in the Homs Governorate, at the heart of Syria, DANZ Food Industries enjoys a strategic location with proximity to raw materials, whether sourced locally or imported. This proximity extends to Syrian and Lebanese ports, providing a significant advantage for exports to neighboring countries via both land and sea routes.

Broiler House Support Facility:
DANZ owns 900,000 square meters of land in Al-Bouraij, situated near the slaughterhouse. Here, it operates a broiler house support facility, which currently includes two modern hangars that use floor rearing and cage rearing techniques. The facility can accommodate 67,000 broiler chickens every 45-day cycle and has significant potential for expansion.

Comprehensive Product Range:
DANZ is committed to meeting the diverse needs of its customers, offering a wide range of high-quality poultry products to the local market through its well-known brands DAJAJOUNA and Prime.
These include:
1. Whole chicken (Raw Poultry Meat)
2. Chicken Luncheon (Normal-Smoked-Spicy)
3. Mortadella (Normal-Pepper-Smoked-Olive-Pistachio-Vegetables)
4. Chicken Hot dog
5. Chicken Burger
6. Chicken Popcorn
7. Chicken Escalope
8. Chicken Nugget

Project Objectives:
The core objectives of DANZ Food Industries are multifaceted, aiming to:
- Meet the growing demand for Halal poultry products locally and in neighboring countries.
- Achieve favorable returns and contribute significantly to the local economy.
- Generate numerous direct and indirect job opportunities, fostering employment and skill development.

DANZ Food Industries is dedicated to pioneering excellence in Halal poultry products, ensuring consumer satisfaction, and playing a pivotal role in the economic landscape of the region.

• DANZ www.danz-food-industries.com
• Dajajouna www.dajajouna.net/

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