Alpha Chicken Farms: Pioneering Excellence in Poultry- Coming Soon

As part of our dynamic poultry business, Nazha Investments Group is thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of a 162,000 square-meter poultry breeding facility in the central region of Syria. This strategic endeavor is geared towards the rehabilitation of the facility, with a focused mission to supply high-quality broilers (chickens raised for meat production) and layers (chickens raised for egg production).

Anticipated Features:

- Size and Layout: Encompassing 162,000 square meters, the facility has 33,000 square meters of built spaces. These include 20 broiler houses, 4 warehouses, and 34 units comprising residences and offices.
-Technical Capabilities: Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the facility is poised for operations. With a commendable capacity of 320,000 chickens per cycle of 45 days (broilers), Alpha Chicken Farms is set to redefine standards in poultry production.

Best Practices in Poultry Raising:
Alpha Chicken Farms, operating under the umbrella of Nazha Investments Group, is committed to adhering to the highest standards in poultry raising. This commitment encompasses meticulous breed selection, ensuring superior feed quality, and prioritizing proper health care and medicine intake. The goal is to guarantee the production of poultry of unparalleled quality.

Strategic Location:
Strategically positioned in the Syrian central region, Alpha Chicken Farms holds a key position in the supply chain, located 40 km from Hissiah Industrial City, 45 km from Homs City, and 124 km from Damascus. This advantageous location enhances the efficiency and accessibility of the facility.

Network Expansion:
Alpha Chicken Farms represents the inaugural farm within the "alphabet Chicken Farms" network. This visionary network is slated to expand to multiple locations, all adhering to the same rigorous standards of quality and excellence.

Nazha Investments Group is proud to embark on this venture, reaffirming our commitment to advancing the poultry industry with Alpha Chicken Farms. Stay tuned for updates as we work diligently to bring this vision to fruition and set new benchmarks in poultry breeding, contributing to the nation's food security with quality, integrity, and innovation.

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