Antioch Syrian Private University

October 2018, marked the inauguration of Antioch Syrian Private University with an aspiration to be the leading private higher education institution in Syria. The Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate with Taghleb Trading and Salt of the Earth were the founders of Renyo, the company that owns the University.

This was a turning point in the Group’s investment history as the contribution and commitment towards providing better education was highly recognized. Later on, 24.5 % of Renyo’s shares were sold to other private multi-sized investors.

The University is located in Maarat Saidnaya, about 20 km from the Capital, with easy access from Damascus City, Damascus Countryside and the Central Region cities. The campus construction plan is divided into 3 phases. Phase “1” consists of 9,000 square meters of buildings and will be in use in 2021. The aim is to accommodate 6,500 students in 7-year time.


•   Engineering
   o   Architecture
   o   Civil Engineering
   o   Computer Engineering
•   Administrative & Economical Sciences
   o   Business Administration
   o   Accounting & Finance

Planned Faculties and departments till 2025:
Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, Banking,
Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations,
Literature & Human Sciences and
Fundamental Sciences.

A consultancy contract with the prestigious King’s College London took place to lay the pillars of a pilot, modern and advanced university - Antioch Syrian University.

Antioch Syrian Private University      

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