Antioch Syrian Private University: Shaping Futures, Building Excellence

Founded in October 2018, Antioch Syrian Private University stands as a testament to our commitment to establishing a leading higher education institution in Syria. Located in Maarat Saidnaya, just 20 km from Damascus, the university is strategically positioned for easy access from the countryside and the central region's cities.

Academic Excellence in a Short Span:
Within a remarkably short period, Antioch University has achieved substantial milestones, currently housing seven academic departments. The visionary plan aims to introduce new faculties and accommodate 6,500 students over a seven-year timeline.

Current Faculties:
1. Engineering:
- Architecture
- Civil Engineering
- Computer Engineering
2. Administrative & Economical Sciences:
- Business Administration
- Accounting & Finance
3. Law
4. Pharmacy

Planned Faculties for 2024:
- Dentistry

Future Vision for Additional Faculties:
- Banking
- Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations
- Literature & Human Sciences
- Fundamental Sciences
- Medicine

Explore the academic excellence, diverse faculties, and exciting opportunities Antioch Syrian Private University offers.
Visit our website for more information and join us on a journey of knowledge, innovation, and personal growth.

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Victoria Bridge, Sabbagh Building

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