Antioch Syrian Private University

One of our proudest investments has been Antioch Syrian Private University, inaugurated in October 2018, with the aim of establishing a leading higher education institution in Syria. The University is located in Maarat Saidnaya, about 20 km from Damascus, with easy access from the countryside and the central region’s cities.

Only 3 academic years after its inauguration, Antioch University has 6 academic departments. The future expansion of the campus is divided into 3 phases. The first phase will be fully in use in 2022. The aim is to introduce new faculties and accommodate 6,500 students over a 7-year timeline.

Antioch Syrian University had a consultancy contract with the prestigious King’s College London to lay the roadmap for the university and help it reach its goal of becoming a modern and internationally recognized academic institution.


•   Engineering
   o   Architecture
   o   Civil Engineering
   o   Computer Engineering
•   Administrative & Economical Sciences
   o   Business Administration
   o   Accounting & Finance
•   Law

Planned faculties for the academic year 2022- 2023
   o   Pharmacy
   o   Dentistry

Other planned faculties for future
Banking, Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations, Literature & Human Sciences, Fundamental Sciences, and Medicine.

Antioch Syrian Private University      

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