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Al-Maktab Cafés

Al-Maktab Café is a unique concept, in-door and out-door terrace, with over 500 seats in each branch, they are introduced as the largest Cafés/Restaurants in Damascus, currently in two locations: Qussour and Dummar, offering great environments, wide selection of food, friendly atmosphere and giant TV screens. Social and cultural lines are supported as well through entertaining events, such as musical performances, tournaments in traditional café games, live streaming of biggest sport events, and interactive activities for children.

Al-Maktab is an Arabic word meaning “the Office”. It is the place where you go every day. In the same way, we encourage our guests to come to Al-Maktab every day.

NIG ambitious plan is to expand Al-Maktab Café’s operation to ultimately make it a potential franchise for investors. Al-Maktab Café Branding was introduced as a distinct entity under NIG for setting up guidelines to determine the future of Al-Maktab Café’s strategy and final image.

Various divisions were formed under Al-Maktab Café Branding to introduce operations standard manual, training, menu & recipe, pricing and defining cost.

In addition, central warehouse & kitchen will offer branches to buy raw and semi-finished products at competitive prices. Advertising and social events will be managed through its marketing department. Another division under Al-Maktab Café Branding is Al-Maktab Café Mobile; it was formed aiming to offer food services outside the physical locations, in fairs, festivals… etc.

Finally Al-Maktab Café Branding will offer all branches countless support services to include; information technology, quality assurance, finance and technical assistance.

Al-Maktab Café      

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